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Celebrities Expecting a Child in 2020

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There are many celebrity expectancies this year. But, who will be the most popular mom to have a baby? This list of pregnant celebrities will surely make the 2020 baby countdown more exciting. Find out the latest news about these celebrities. Let's take a look! This isn't a comprehensive list. It is possible to choose a celebrity who is expecting a baby and add them to your own personal list.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka is pregnant! The actress revealed her pregnancy news via Instagram. She has been seen in many photo shoots with her baby bump. When she took a photo with Joe, her new boyfriend in Los Angeles, she revealed her pregnancy. Sophie and Joe confirmed their pregnancy after the birth of Willa. They are close friends of Nick and Priyanka, who share a ten year age gap.

Scarlett Cooper

Cooper Hefner is rumored to be expecting twins. His wife Scarlett Byrne Hefner is also pregnant. The news was shared by the couple via their Instagrams on November 25, 2015. They are already parents to 15-month-old daughter Betsy Rose. Cooper and his wife, Crystal, are already married. Crystal is a former actor and the daughter of Hugh Hefner.

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Nick Cannon

Rumors have it that the singer, whose real name is Nick Cannon, is expecting another child in 2020. The singer, who announced his pregnancy first in October 2016, has been married for over a decade to longtime girlfriend Abby Johnson. The couple have five children together, with the last one born in December. They have recently revealed they are expecting twins named Zion (Zillion) The singer also deleted all references to the pop singer from his Instagram account. He also plans to have eight additional babies in 2021 and eight more in 2022.

Sophie Turner

Many fans are wondering if Sophie Turner is pregnant with her second child. The actress recently revealed her growing belly via social media. She also called Joe "baby Daddy" and shared throwback pictures of her growing belly. The couple began dating in 2016 after which they were married twice. Their second marriage ended in divorce. Their relationship is currently in limbo, but their fans are eager for the next chapter of their love story. These clues will help you determine if Sophie is pregnant with your second child.

Joe Jonas

Fans of Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner have probably wondered if they would get married soon. But the news is not shocking. It was reported that the couple is expecting a second child in November 2020. According to Us Weekly, they are planning to start a family in the near future and hope to have their second child by 2020.

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Criss Angel

Do you wonder if Criss and Angel are expecting a 3rd child? While the couple had previously stated that they weren't trying to conceive earlier in the year, Shaunyl Benson announced that she is now pregnant with their third child. The couple is already parents to their oldest son, Johnny, who fought pediatric cancer. Crissyl and Shaunyl spoke out about their experience in November.

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Celebrities Expecting a Child in 2020