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Celebrities and Surrogate Moms

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Many celebrities have had surrogacy children. Kim Kardashian and Hilaria Baldwin are some of these celebrities. But not all celebrities choose surrogacy. This article will discuss the reasons celebrities choose surrogacy. Learn who is a good surrogate. But do celebrities really use surrogate mothers? Is it possible for a surrogate to make you famous?

Kim Kardashian

North, Kardashian West's oldest child, was natural born. However, Kim Kardashian West used surrogates for her two youngest children, Chicago and Psalm. Both of the babies were born to a surrogate mom. The process is very similar to childbirth and pregnancy, according to them. It's not surprising, given the Kardashian family’s achievements in public relations.

Kanye West

Whether you're interested in Kanye West's surrogacy or not, you've probably wondered about his surrogate. Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West already have three children, including their son Saint West (and daughter North). The couple are expected to have their fourth child in 2019, and they will do so via surrogate. The West family welcomed their daughter Chicago via surrogate in January 2018, and this new pregnancy will follow the same process. Celebrities are increasingly choosing to use surrogacy to have their baby. The surrogate is not related or biologically connected to the baby, but has no biological connection.

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Hilaria Baldwin

Hilaria Baldwin, better known as "Surrogate Queen", is a celeb who got pregnant by surrogate. She disclosed that she had experienced two previous miscarriages. When the two children were born, she announced her pregnancy on Instagram, saying, "I'm a mom." But a few months later, Hilaria revealed that she was miscarrying a second time. To prove her pregnancy, she shared a photograph of Carmen, her newborn child.

Jen Atkin

The blogger, hairdresser, and founder of OUAI welcomed her second child via surrogate. Atkin, a surrogate mum, is part of the Kardashian-Jenners. She has worked with Chrissy Teigen, the Kardashians and Gigi hadid. Jen used social media to increase awareness of surrogacy. She encouraged viewers to donate to charity. Mike Rosenthal, Jen's surrogate husband, recently welcomed a boy through surrogacy.

Matt Broderick

Actors Matt Broderick was joined by Sarah Jessica Parker to welcome twins via surrogate. Sarah Jessica Parker was infertile before she married Broderick and was unable conceive. In addition to one biological child, she also suffered from secondary infertility, which affects women who have already given birth. Sarah Jessica Parker and Broderick decided to have a surrogate child in order to grow their family. The celebrity couple is thrilled with their twins.

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Nicole Kidman

Known for her big screen roles, actress Nicole Kidman has embraced surrogate parenting. In 2008, she had her first child via surrogate mother Sarah Jessica Parker. Her surrogate became pregnant with her second in 2010. Faith Margaret, the second child of Keith Urban and Nicole Urban, was born in 2010. Nicole is nearing 50 years old. She is hoping to get pregnant naturally, despite her experience with IVF and surrogacy. Her maternal relatives all had late pregnancies.

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Celebrities and Surrogate Moms